Introducing Axon Growth

Hire a Commission-Only Sales Closer Who Closes at 25%, And You Don't Pay Until They Close Deals

Hiring a Commission-Only Closer can add 50-100% in extra revenue to your business


Why Choose Axon Growth?

Managed Ramping
of Closers

We'll work alongside your sales team to analyse every sales call and offer expert coaching to improve their performance

Leverage Sales

With our closers, you can trust that you'll see a significant increase in sales conversions, ultimately leading to a bump in bottom line revenue for your business

Improved Sales

Our Fractional Sales Management process means that you can finally wave goodbye to low show rates on calls, ineffective follow-ups, and sloppy pre-call flows

We helped Default Kings grow revenue, increase customer understanding, and improve close rates

We Helped Them Hit Back-to-Back Record Months Within 60 Days

Step 1
Deep Dive

We collect information on what you sell (main offer, downsells & cross-sells), who you sell to (avatar), how you sell it (USP, pricing plans), and who you want to help with sales (closer criteria) to arm our closers with the knowledge they need to sign more deals and improve KPI's.

Place Closers & Ramp Them Up To KPI

Then, we match you with the closers that align with your criteria within 48 hours. We place them, show them your sales collateral, upskill them on the offer, and integrate them into your sales team so they're ready to take the first sales call for your team within 5 days.

Step 3
Revenue Operations

We provide continuous consulting, analysing metrics such as no-show rates and offers made to identify bottlenecks. Our review includes strategies for managing objections via text and email and utilising sales psychology to better understand sales outcomes. This approach enhances our team's ability to guide prospects effectively towards a buying decision.

Gabriel Pluguez

Default Kings

Leo's close rate doubled since last week

Team close rate above 34% this week

Shorter calls

Clients onboarded easier / smoother / happier

Benjamin Morone

VA Tasks

I've been in sales for the last 3 years and have sold everything from tech to info products.

I've taken $10,000 sales courses and coaching programs before, but nothing compares to David Jacob helping me with my script.

Dude knows his stuff.

Aditya Muralidhar


I leveraged some of the decision criteria stuff from David to increase the sale value.

Increased sale from 200K to 360K and closed.

Nice Christmas gift when it comes. I'm ecstatic with this after losing two whales earlier this year.

What's Included

Find out if our commission-only sales closers are a fit for your business


Placement of Sales Closers

We'll train and place one or more commission-only closers inside your business, and you don't pay until they close deals

Free Replacement if Closers Fail to Meet KPI

If our closers failed to meet KPI or the 25% closing rate within 90 days, we'll replace them free of charge

Continual Sales Process Consulting

We'll provide continued consulting and advice on improve your sales process and increasing KPIs

About Us

Axon Growth was launched in 2020 with the aim of helping business owners increase sales and close mode deals

With a background in neuromarketing and behavioural science, we found that by utilising our proven methods, businesses could close deals with a much higher success rate.

Having worked as sales closers in multiple coaching programs, helping clients add 10% to their close rates, close the biggest deals of their entire career, and massively boost their revenue, we decided to take our training to a number of select closers who wanted to be the best at their craft and create the best sales teams in the world.

David Jacob
Co-Founder & CEO
Sheni Salami
Co-Founder & COO


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